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We offer a complete rage of Immigration law services, including:

  Initial Review and Advice    Counsel on Strategies     Individual Migration    Australian Citizenship Applications   
Appeals in the AAT and in the Federal and High Courts     Ministerial Intervention

We have over 20 years’ experient dealing with the following Visa types:

Temporary and Permanent Work Visas    Employer Sponsored Visas    Skilled Migration Visas  Visitor Visas    Family Migration Visas for Partners, Children and Parents    Resident return Visas

Skilled Work Visa

Individuals with particular skills and abilities are encouraged to migrate to Australia
through the Australian work visa program, benefiting Australia’s economy and improving
its workforce. Priority processing is given to Australian work visa applicants who obtain
sponsorship through an employer, or who secure nomination under one of the participating
State Migration Plans.

Partner Visa

A partner visa is often the best solution for couples who are planning a future together in
Australia. These visas will allow you to remain in Australia on the basis of your married or de
facto relationship. There are different requirements depending on if you are married, or in a
de facto relationship. Don’t risk getting your application rejected - contact us now!

Training Visa

The Training Visa allows Australian companies to sponsor applicants to participate in
occupational training activities and professional development activities. This visa allows you
to work for your sponsor in your job, whilst undertaking in a structured training program provided by your employer.

Family Migration Visas

One of the primary objectives of Family Migration Visas is to promote family unity and provide a stable environment for individuals to thrive. It is important to note that the application process for Family Migration visas can be complex and time-consuming. It often involves gathering extensive documentation, meeting specific financial requirements and navigating through legal procedures. Seeking professional advice from Lyden Law can greatly enhance the chances of a successful application

Visitor Visas

There are several types of visitor visas available. *Tourist Visa, perfect for those seeking leisure and exploration. *Business Visitor Visa - if you are planning on attending conferences, meetings or engage in business related activities. Sponsored Family Visitor Visa. If you have family members in Australia who are willing to sponsor your visit, this visa allows you time with your family.

Resident Return Visas

Known as a RRV, Maintaining your Permanent Residency status is a valuable asset and the key to returning to the place you call home. You must meet certain criteria including demonstrating substantial ties to Australia. These ties can include employment, business, family, or cultural connections. It's important to note that the requirements may vary according to your individual circumstances, so it's advisable to consult with Lyden Law for professional, up-to-date information and advice.

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